Saturday, June 20, 2009


I am home from my trip with no photos to show. It is unbelievable, I forgot my camera at home. Really really sucks. I had some paint colors picked out for my house (exterior). Butter yellow, black, white, and blue ceiling on the porch.

I went to Eureka Springs, AR. It is really cool that most every thing is Victorian. I visited the Crescent Hotel. I unfortunately did not stay there. R fell down some steps on her rear end. I caught her before she started tumbling. We all started laughing, even her. Thank goodness for butt cushion, aka fat. They had a ghost tour, but I wasn't able to go. Maybe next time.

I saw a man's member billboard sign. I am figuring it was a place of pleasure at one time. It is now a bath house.

I bought some alpaca that was raised, spun, and dyed by a farm in Wisconsin. It is really nice and way more expensive that I would normally buy, but it was vacation.

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