Sunday, June 21, 2009

Green Tea and Sunscreen

I have been brewing green tea and icing it down. It is way too hot outside to drink it hot, but I needed it to relieve some water I retained. I had super super super salty beef jerky (more salt than normal) and started swelling almost immediately. As soon I got home, I got to drinking. It is so yummy on a hot day.

We have finally pulled the baby pool out and swam in the back yard. We are dreading the water bill now, but it was fun and easier than going to the lake. Poor Tico nearly made it into the pool about 5 times. He hates water. The only time I have seen that he enjoyed it- we were on the river and I don't know why he swam that time.

I have a lot of my HSKS summer camp stuff planned out and a few things purchased. I have swapped to Georgiana's "cousin" before so I am being real careful not to duplicate anything.

I started something to represent the Threstral cabin, but it is still in limbo.

I started my sister's Christmas present! I am hoping to make the boys' hunting hats.

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