Tuesday, June 2, 2009

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2 June 2009

I was naughty this pass weekend and started another project. I started another Ginny GOF hat. I had yarn just screaming at me to use it. It is looking pretty huge.

Once I finish my blanket, hat, and bag pieces I have to get back to mittens for Warm Woolies and S.P.E.W. This term with HLBOE we are making mittens and we can give them to the charity of our choice. Which is really nice because I need to do more WW stuff. My tally is only 2 hats.

La de da...Oh, I recieved a RAOK from my HSKS 7 partner! I notice right at the end of term that my name was checked off the list. I got it in the mail yesterday! I had on my wish list a book keeper that has a lightning bolt embroidered on the front. It is so cute! I am going to take a photo of it and post it. Hopefully I can get to it tonight.

3 June 2009

I think I am going diamond hunting on Friday. I haven't been in years. Here is the link if curious

I am hoping that it rains before then so we will have more of a chance to find something. R will like digging in the dirt if nothing else. I read that they have a water park now. I don't know if we will do that, but any who. If only I found a diamond....

I was watching a show on the Travel Channel one day about all of these places in the U.S. you can pay a fee to dig or mine for gems or fossils. I have decided when R gets older that is what we should do- travel everywhere to dig for stuff. I am going to research some places. Wouldn't it be just neat to find your own emerald.

I finished my 3rd Ginny GOF hat last night. All I need to do now is run the yarn or ribbon through the holes. It is pretty cute. I have no idea what I am going to do with it. I am over due on a graduation present...I think she would like it.

I have 2 blanket squares left. I should have finished it this past weekend, but oh well. I going to get it done this weekend hopefully. I am going to use Pren's Gryffindor dishcloth with some minor changes to fit my block and something else red.

I am trying to finish up one of my purses too. It is a 1/2 knit, 1/2 sewing project. (I am using the yarn from Lady Arabella for this one) Now that I moved to a larger space I think I can have a sewing machine. I really want to use the fabric that Cassandra Crisomchin gave to me because I love it so much!

La dee da. Wish me luck on the diamond!

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