Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Harry Potter Anagram

Pandora Phelps's

Let the anagram solving begin!

In the second volume of the HP books by JK Rowling, The (#1)Chamber of Secrets, we continue to learn the incredible adventures of Hogwarts student (#2) Harry Potter and his friends (#3) Ron Weasely and (#4) Hermione Granger. Belonging to the house of (#5) Gryffindor, they attend Defense Against the (#6) Dark Arts taught by Wizarding celebrity (#7) Gilderoy Lockhart, a none-too-bright fellow who cannot even handle pixies!
In The (#8) Chamber of Secrets, we also meet Dobby a (#9)House Elf for the first time. Determined Dobby seeks to sabotage the return of (#10) Harry Potter to Hogwarts and is pretty persistent but is unsuccessful. After a few weeks at school, the deceased Ravenclaw student who haunts the girls lavatory, also known as (#11) Moaning Myrtle, shows (#12) Harry Potter and (#13) Ron Weasely an old empty diary that dropped through her ghostly form out of thin air!

Many nifty things continue to happen for the next several months… we won’t go into all the juicy details right now… however, the ending is prime reading indeed!! (#14) Harry Potter finally kills Tom Riddle’s (a.k.a #15 Voldemort) sneaky diary (which we now know is a #16 horcrux) and saves the sister of (#17) Ron Weasely, (#18) Ginny!!!
Oh! Of course, we must mention that the thickheaded (#19) Gilderoy Lockhart unintentionally erased his own memory, so he won’t be back for book three, The (#20)Prisoner of Azkaban

W, H, E,N

I, N

D, O, U, B, T

G, O

T, O

T, H,E

E, I, B, R, A, R, Y!


CelticMommy said...

Excellent! (Just double check 7, 11, 16 spelling... it'll matter for part 2)
Well done, :-)

Pandora said...

Will do, I did it very quickly and too early in the morning!