Monday, March 9, 2009

Niffler Revised

Originally uploaded by pandoraphelps
Here is the Niffler with front paws and back legs. Inspiration finally hit on Saturday night and it was executed on Sunday! That is what sketchbooks are for-- those random duh moments.


Michael1928 said...

Hello, I would love to purchase two of these if available!

Unknown said...

Is there a pattern for the niffler?

Pandora said...

As of now there is not a pattern. I've tossed around the idea of making one again; however, it will be different from this one. When I made this one, I was doing the knit stitch wrong. That's why it has the strong "swirl" look to it. At the time I basically free formed everything I made. If interested look me up on Ravelry or Etsy under Blythe Knits. If I do create the pattern it will be for sale on those 2 selling areas. I'm not the best at keeping things up to date on my blog these days.