Monday, March 30, 2009

King Tut

I have been wanting to go to the King Tut exhibition in Dallas since it's opening in October. I finally went on Saturday I have to say that I am terriable disappointed. I spent 30.00 on a ticket (my mom's was 32.50 + 20.00 for parking) and I don't feel I got my moneys worth.

First you buy the ticket, stand in a tent in line for the 12:00pm tour, stand in line again. AND then go into a dark room for a 90 second intro, THEN into a room with a statue of him as a child. Keep in mind I was in a room with about 45+ others-- several other strollers and wheelchairs. I guess the chamber-like rooms were to imitate the burial chambers BUT it caused traffic problems. Majority of the rooms were dark for dramatic presentation of the artifacts which made it quite difficult for people with children. Poor little R just about got stepped on several times-- atleast she was in a stroller that kept her somewhat safe.

Okay, now the exhibition itself. I am going to reread some of the PR on this show because what I saw and what I read did not seem to corralate. The majority was funerary piece of King Tut's (assumed) family members. I could not believe it.

Don't get me wrong everything was lovely and historically fantastic, but this is my 4th Egyptian exhibt (I am counting the Mets collection twice since I attended it twice. It was wonderful both times). This exhibit considering that combined it was 80.00 to see it, IT WAS NOT WORTH IT! And that is very sad to say.

I did get two books, a patch for my jacket, a scarab paper weight, a Tut shot glass for the hubby, a scarab necklace (from my mom for my Christmas/Birthday gift), and a tube of Egyptian toys for R.

Other than going to the DMA I went to Ikea. What I did not know was that my new paint colors are popular. I have slate blue, black and red-orange. Red-orange was everywhere. I did get a new bedspread which we desperatly needed. It cost me 50.00 (for the black duvet cover and comforter) which was about 30 bucks cheaper than anything else I had found and it was what I wanted. I also bought: black wool rug* for the bathroom, red-orange curtains for the dining room, spice jars + 2 hanging rackes for the kitchen, 2 throw pillow inserts, black flower pot, a pull out mirror for the bathroom and some other misc. items. I am really excited to used everything but I have to wait until May or June. I live in a duplex and I am waiting on my brother to move out so I can move into his side. My mom and dad own it so I have more control on how the house looks.

One of my favorite malls is in Grapevine because it has a Hello Kitty store. They were running a amazing sale. They had yellow bags that you could fill anything in out of two boxes as long as you bag can close for 20.00. We got tons of stickers for Easter, two Pandapple bags, a jewelry box, a perfect Chocokitty shower curtain, two Hello Kitty bracelets, charms, and a few other items. The shower curtain will look great in the bathroom. It was one of the items I wanted to find at Ikea and didn't.

* I know I keep saying that I am allergic to wool but as long as I don't roll around on it I am good! Plus, cotton and acrylic rugs looks like crap pretty quick, I know I have them too.

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