Wednesday, March 25, 2009


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Want to harvest from a wand tree? Offer this little guys some wood lice to placate him until you get enough for a wand or two! But be warned, if you piss off the bowtruckle you will be sorry!


Pren said...

aaaaahahahaha! omg my head just exploded. he is sooooo cute! what did you use for eyes? it looks like the black shank back plastic buttons. but i keep looking for those at the fabric store and they NEVER have them. i have assumed theu stopped making them. or are they safety eyes?

Pandora said...

These are safety eyes. I haven't seen any shank eyes either. I do use something pretty similar to the though. They are plastic and all in one piece. I collect buttons, why...I don't know but I do. I have a few old shank buttons that I robbed from some garment.