Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I forgot to mention!

I forgot to post about my wonderful find. I was randomly searching through the teddy bear patterns on Ravelry and found this: Ralph and Nipper!
And what have I been searching for-- a Jack Russell Terrier pattern! Not only do I get the pup, I get the cute teddy also!! I ordered my pattern from Dragon Yarns Store. I received a email telling me it has been shipped. I am beside myself that I can actually get to work on my crup soon!
Photo from Sandra Polley's pattern page on Rav.
Speaking of Crup, I couldn't really get to sleep last night so I pulled out my copy of 'Fantstic Beast and Where to Find Them' and I started thinking about all the creatures that are makeable! Like an ashwinder...make a light grey snake with red eyes and red eggs.... I am going to read somemore tonight.
Before I can start any of those creatures, I have to get my pattern finished for the Cornish Pixie. I am writing it right now. I am to the head and the rest is pretty much already written. I would have been finished, but I had to get started on making a spider ASAP for R's preschool show and tell.
Well, I'm off knitting and writing.

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