Friday, July 31, 2009



wood- cherry
core- unicorn
length- 12 inches
flex- rigid
embellishments- blood stones and garnets emphasis the handle

Muggle supplies:

dowel rod
xacto knife/blades
sand paper
paint-- burnt siena, burnt umber, ivory black
paint brushes
hot glue gun/glue
little bit of blood (I was so proud, I only cut myself once!)

My wand it rigid which marks it as a good dueling wand. It has high accuracy. The glitz is noticeable when in use, it can strike fear in the enemy.

It also comes to very good use when hexing dragons to sleep.

I will be soon crafty a holder to keep it in superb condition.


AshAsh said...

You are CONSTANTLY amazing me in your craftiness! You are quite the clever girl and I am in awe!

--Cassie C.

Pandora said...

Aww. You are too nice. Thanks!

a mouse said...

oh wow! i love this wand!
what a brilliant idea!

my capcha word is
isnt that nice?
its like a baby wing :)

Pandora said...

Thanks! I was pretty pleased with the outcome!

Winglin, I love it!