Monday, July 6, 2009

Keeper vs. Seeker

I have been keeping up with Pren's blog this weekend on how her Beauxbaton's uniform is coming along. I am shooting for a longer goal of Halloween for a costume. Partly, Arkansas doesn't have as many fun Harry Potter events and the other, I always bitch out. It is going to be hot so I have no intentions on wearing a costume.

R is going to be a quidditch player as I mentioned previously. I want to make the hat that Ron wears as a keeper. I really want to make it, but my realistic side is kicking in telling me that there is a possibility that she won't wear it. I have some goggles that will be perfect for seeker.

It will make sense- R as seeker and Tico as the snitch!! Yes, I change my mind, Tico will be a snitch!

I don't think Tico would as cute as a quaffle.

I am so damn excited.

I will enter Tico in a costume contest as a spider probably. I wish I could find a pet/owner contest- R and Tico would win it!

Huh, now to me: Newsie, Dead Bride, or HP Character (Lavender Brown?)

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