Monday, November 3, 2008


12:15 pm--I received a RAOK from Stuart that had a Gryffindor patch and hot chocolate! I was extremely excited because it was a Happy Halloween/Birthday card. I have to get on the ball now and get my stuff together for my RAOK person.

R wanted the hot chocolate Sunday morning so I mix it up for her and myself. It was yummy! I decided to search through Ravelry and catch up on everything I miss on Saturday. I have did this hundreds of times, I balance my cup on the arm of my couch. This time I wasn't very lucky. My husband started yelling.....YOUR CUP YOUR CUP!!! My cup full of hot chocolate fell on to my laptop and in the confusion of having him yelling and trying to get towels, R crying "Oh the Mac computer!" and me panicing, I dropped the damn thing on the floor. The screen cuts out and I hear it shorting out. I have already unplugged it and I am trying to turn it off.

I am heartbroken. We can't afford to purchase another one and it had our life history practically on it. It is running, I hear the fan and it still tells us the time about 2 and a half hours late. I am sick. I get tears every time I think of it.

4:25 pm--I began this post before lunch and at home (at lunch) I checked on my computer....IT COME ON! The parts that got most of the liquid isn't working but I think I can order the part and have my co-worker install it!

I am a bit happier about that. The worst thing was that today is my birthday and I have been depressed about it all day. I guess that is the way it goes.

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fineskylark said...

Oh no, Pandora! I am so sorry! I really hope that things continue looking up, and that you are able to get a replacement part. It must not be a good day for birthdays this year--I had my cat throw up all over my brand new duvet cover on my bed this morning at 5:30.