Thursday, November 20, 2008

Excited but Nervous

I order a Snape figure to add to my collection today. It was the cheapest I have seen 13.50 USD with shipping 20.05 USD. I am excited, but at this point more nervous because I haven't ever heard of the website. Stupid to order it then, I know. I once asked a co-worker what is the best method of determining a bad site and he said if they have addresses (snail mail) they should be pretty reputable. I am hoping that is true.

More excitement! I order a Bellatrix from Toys R Us. I am getting her for Christmas from my husband. I think I will ask him if he would like to pay me for Snape and he give it to me for Christmas, also. Very romantic, huh? I like it this way though, I get what I want. I am cool with no surprises.

My Harry Potter action figure collection is getting a little out of hand. At first I just wanted Ron, Hermione, and Harry. Now I have Sirus, Hagrid, the Voldemort and Harry Diorama (which is very cool and morbid). Then my collection grew to collecting patronus and pet animals. I have an otter (ferrit really but it was as close as I could get for the proportion), a barn owl, a fox terrier, an orange cat, a tabby cat (really close to Professor McGonagal) a white horse, a rabbit, a stag and a doe. I have yet to track down a snowy owl. I can get a black dog that works for Sirus. This is actually a pretty fun side project.

Now if I can get a Ginny. Or Draco. Or the Weasley twins.

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