Thursday, October 23, 2008


So who knew that as I listened to HBP that I would come to REALLY like Snape.  I felt heartbroken for him and his unrequited love, but this is a new respect and like.  How hard could it have been to be the executer of Dumbledore?  And during his grief (even though he was the reason) of loosing his friend, he had to act for the benefit of Voldy.  

I am sure I am slow on the catching on to all of this, but I have a method to re-reading my books.  I realized last year that I re-read my Harry Potter books every two years.  Partly because of the releases of the last 3 books.  I am now trying to organize my reading to that schedule.  However, I have been really bored at work and I want to listen to something to motivate me to do something.  What better to do it by listening to Harry!  

Anyways, I love Snape.  The end.

[Disclaimer, Not my Artwork]

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