Monday, August 23, 2010


This weekend wasn't so productive.  I did finish a thing or two but nothing real significant. 

I tested a pattern that will soon be for sale through Ravelry.  I want to test it one more time.  I used a little to heavy of yarn to make it a true test because I had to alter the pattern.  Want a peak?

Once I get ready to post the pattern for sale, I will write more about the inspiration and such.

I also have a second pattern that will be going up for sale soon after the deer hat. No peaks on that one!  I haven't tested it but I think my pattern is pretty accurate. This time I wrote as I knitted.

I restarted my Some Cloudy Day legwarmers by tinyowlknits.  I got pretty far on the first one since we took a day trip on Saturday.  The trip ended up not being overly fun.  We are searching for a place to relocated in the state for better jobs.  My job is a good one, just not necessarily what I want to do forever.  I would like to go back to school and stay home a little more with R. Joe and I had a bit conflicting idea of where the ideal location was to move. So, it did not really put the rest of the weekend in a good mood for any of us, R included.

Sunday was a nice day on a cold river though! I pretty much have refused to swim in a lake this year.  I hate how the water feels warm.  I just don't think it is real healthy for you because it is not a constant flow. My little brother owns a jet boat and he invited us to go out with some friends for the day.  The river was really low at noon so he walked to boat out where the little ones could play pretty safely...and to clear the air- we are firm belivers in life jackets.  It was really nice and R had a great time playing with someone near her age.  Poor thing almost always is with all adults. It is really sweet to see how kids can bond nearly instantly. 

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