Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thinking about...

I have been thinking about the color orange.  Not particularly my favorite, but I can appreciate it.  I keep wanting to use orange for a knitting project--  pumpkins, specifically. I think I have fall fever.  Today, I have been wasting time looking through Etsy Collections people have created.  Everyone seems to be thinking about the end of summer or fall.

Something else I have been pondering is squirrels.  They are some of the most unsual creatures.  I encouter them all the time on my way to work and from work.  They have lost their fear of people for the most part and I can walk right up to them.  Squirrels are a classic case of ADHD.

I am already planning for Halloween.  I always do this and then kind of burn out before it gets here.  This year I am not making a costume.  If I ever sew for myself again I am buying a dress form.  I never really did knit any Halloween items which is a bummer.  I still have time, but who knows where my fancy will take me before October.

I joined a Halloween swap so that has got me thinking about it.  I have one item made for it and a second in the works.  The second item is very taste specific so it may or may not be used.  They are really cool.  I have made about 20 of these little treasures.  I am making Jack Skellington faces out of shrinky dinks for buttons.  I have some micro ones for a Blythe sweater and some about the size of a dime.  I have been hand drawing them.  I hope to make R a little sweater with them also.

I made some purchases lately.  I bought 2 Shaun the Sheeps for R's birthday and Christmas presents, a cheapo swift ($28 from!), and a clone Blythe.  The clone Blythe is for R's "Santa" present.  I am unsure the quality yet.  I looked up some reviews before I made the purchase (she was really, really great price) and they were all really positive.  I did hear rumor about high lead levels with the clones and I am looking for some place to test the doll before I give it to R. She doesn't chew on her toys so I think it will be okay, but just to be safe.... 

As I was making new outfits for my Blythes this past weekend, I was pretty stumped on my Neo Blythe, Ginny.  I was going to get Simply Gauva in the future.  Now I am thinking about passing on her.  I really prefer the Ashton Drake Blythes.  I like the fact the faces are a bit more matt finished and they feel more durable.  I have one ebay that I am watching.  I am debating.  I have an angel and a devil on my shoulders.  The devil will most likely win.

I just got a text from my cousin asking for This is Blythe website.  She loved my dolls!  It is good to know that my dolls are liked by someone in my family other than a 4 year old.

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