Saturday, August 21, 2010

Airplane Dream

I had this dream a couple weeks ago that I witnessed an airplane fall out of the sky.  I was lazing about in my parents' house yard just sitting in the grass and enjoying the day.  Something that in Arkansas has not been possible in the last 2 months.  I was looking at the clouds listening to Joe talk about something.  The clouds had hole where the plane flew through them.  The plane started taking a nose dive.  I thought it was a training procedure.  It did not pull back up and then there was an explosion.

I remember in my dream saying to Joe, that plane just crashed!  We rushed to take pictures for the newspaper.  This is jumbled because Joe does not cover things in the town my parents live in and the place where we went was nothing I have ever seen.

It was a general store and no one seemed at all concerned over the plane or the people in it.  Seating was set up inside, I guess for a press conference of sorts.  I leaned over and asked a lady if it was a Henderson plane.  The answer was no.  Henderson has an aviation program.

I don't really know why this dream has hung on this long.  Even though it was a pure figment of my imagination it was still disturbing.

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