Thursday, August 12, 2010


I noticed some people have beautiful African/African American Blythe dolls. FunnyBunny on Ravelry has a website,, and she has a little description about her doll Chocolate Pudding.  I am awaiting on a reply to clear up some of my questions, but she created Chocolate Pudding by spay paint and a vintage doll's body.  I really want to try this. 

I want to try it with a Bratz doll body and a clone Blythe.  I will have to purchase a wig or two.  First I need to find out about paint and body.  No point in moving forward until then.  I have nearly too many projects but this one would be a lot of fun. I could practice dismantling and customization without the fear of ruining a real Blythe. While she is cracked open, I want to try the eyelid painting, too.

I hope R's gets here pronto. She was shipped yesterday.

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