Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I made a mermaid baby.  I absolutely fought my daughter off of it to just get a picture for my Ravelry projects.  It was ridiculous.  The baby is cute I must agree with R.

This may all be repetitive because I can't remember what I wrote last.  

I am getting a Nintendo DS from my hubby, I think I put that in the last.  Well, I purchase Nintendo Dogs Chihuahua (Merry Christmas to myself) and my hubby was mean and started playing it.  He made a dog and apparently you can not start over!  I have never ever heard of such. If anyone reading this might know an over-ride please email me!  Joe is really angry with himself.
He made a boxer and I wanted a chihuahua.  It was an accident so I am not too mad.

Oh well.  

Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Camera

So since August (the release of Breaking Dawn) I have been coveting my aunt's camera. I love how when I took a photo there was very little lag time. That is something I have found that I really hate about digital cameras. I wish I had the money to keep using my 35mm but since I am no longer a photography student, I do not have access to a lab. One day maybe. I keep thinking one day I will have my own.

I have been keeping up with the prices on B& H website. They have had much change until this week. The camera I want dropped to 200 bucks with no taxes (the store is in New York City) and free 2 day shipping. I realized after wishing I could get it that I had the money. With no shipping or taxes I had enough money!! I stash money, I still have my 100 from last Christmas and 100 for my birthday this year. I am super excited, and nervous. It should be here tomorrow!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Damn, It's cold

Here in Do Nothing Town, Arkansas, the temperature is 28 degrees farenheight. Damn cold for Arkansas. Of course, the weather hit a week too early. I was truly hoping that the bad weather would hit the first of next week because no students will be on campus and there was a slight possibility that we could get off for Christmas early. Blah. I am very thankful for the fact that after next Tuesday I will not have to darken the campus's doors until January 5th. Fantastic and it is probably greedy of me to want more time off without taking leave.

I am not sure how things aren't freezing right now. It is 28 and the roads are wet, but there is no ice. Weird.

Something that accured to me this moring walking to work was that I have made hats for, it seems like everyone, but for myself. I think that is going to be my goal very soon because it is COLD!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


This weekend was spent knitting and being aggravated.   I was at my in-laws cabin and I did nothing but sit.  I would have did that anyways, but it was just different.  It was not home.  Oh well.  

I finished the Utopia hat that was intended as a gift, but I knew I was in trouble when I was decreasing and it looked like an elf hat.  I gave it to R.  Adorable on her, but no gift for my friend.
I also finished the stocking cap for R that was inspired by "A Christmas Story".  Cute cute cute.

After completing those two projects, I started on socks.  I used a fantastic tutorial  (Silver's Sock Class).  I highly recommend it.  This was actually my 2nd go at this pattern and I stuck with it this time. (There were no distractions of other yarns or other projects, just the ones I took.)  

After I finish my 2nd sock (over half finished, YEA), I want to try the invisibility cloak pattern from the book "Charmed Knits".   I have lace weight yarn that I have no idea what I am going to do with other than the cloak.  

My other project that I would like to try is a Harry Potter Advent Calendar.  I am still planning.  I know that I am probably making the calendar itself out of felt.  It may not be a Christmas one.  It would be really cool if it was a movie release/Christmas calendar!  I may do that so it gives me till July to finish it.

Off to finish my sock.