Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Camera

So since August (the release of Breaking Dawn) I have been coveting my aunt's camera. I love how when I took a photo there was very little lag time. That is something I have found that I really hate about digital cameras. I wish I had the money to keep using my 35mm but since I am no longer a photography student, I do not have access to a lab. One day maybe. I keep thinking one day I will have my own.

I have been keeping up with the prices on B& H website. They have had much change until this week. The camera I want dropped to 200 bucks with no taxes (the store is in New York City) and free 2 day shipping. I realized after wishing I could get it that I had the money. With no shipping or taxes I had enough money!! I stash money, I still have my 100 from last Christmas and 100 for my birthday this year. I am super excited, and nervous. It should be here tomorrow!!

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