Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I made a mermaid baby.  I absolutely fought my daughter off of it to just get a picture for my Ravelry projects.  It was ridiculous.  The baby is cute I must agree with R.

This may all be repetitive because I can't remember what I wrote last.  

I am getting a Nintendo DS from my hubby, I think I put that in the last.  Well, I purchase Nintendo Dogs Chihuahua (Merry Christmas to myself) and my hubby was mean and started playing it.  He made a dog and apparently you can not start over!  I have never ever heard of such. If anyone reading this might know an over-ride please email me!  Joe is really angry with himself.
He made a boxer and I wanted a chihuahua.  It was an accident so I am not too mad.

Oh well.  

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