Monday, June 21, 2010


Another project update-

I am still working on mostly the same projects as last time.  I am about sick of them.  I am truly trying to force myself to get these finished before starting anything new.

I have the straps and the crocheting left on the Inamortia top.  It has been the biggest pain in the ass.  I finally admitted that I was running out of yarn so I had incorporate a second color.  I truly want this finished by 4th of July so I can wear it.

The black unmentionables are slowly getting there.  I work on them in the car mostly. I am about finished with the belly and waist area.

I think this is a new project since my last post, Summer leaf tee. It is going rather well.  I have had to order yarn to finish it.  I was fortunate enough to find some for a fair price.  I am pretty excited, I am about to finish this project today!  Two or 3 row and then the BO!  I am absolutely wearing it tomorrow.

I plan to start on a shrug called Forrest and Frills (it is the very last *for sale patterns* on the right) soon. I am hoping to use my J.C. Brett Marble Chunky yarn.  Once again, I may not have enough yarn.  Lately, that has been the story of my knitting life.  Good news is that my LYS carries it.

There has been a couple of side projects along the way.  I made a hat called Orchids and Fairy Lights (same link as above, 7th pattern down) with my Misti Alpaca Cotton/Silk. I have been saving this skein for 2 years for the perfect project.  I have another skein in pale pink which is going to be a smaller version of this hat for R.

I am attempting to write a pattern for my Niffler.

I have a clothing series for my Blythe doll in the works.  She is going to be decked out in Alice in Wonderland themed costumes.  I am contemplating order a second Blythe. I am useing various yarns in my stash.

Another new pattern I want to make is a Leaf Yoked top. Lace isn't my friend but I want this top oh so bad. I just bought 3 skeins of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for it in Cotton Ball color.

Ah, I also want to make the Rusted Root sweater. There is so very little time and too many patterns.  Well, I have too little patience too.  I want to take a bit of a break on big projects after the 2nd undercrackers and leaf sweater.

I signed back up for HLBOE.  I am pretty excited.  I have been digging around through my stash of items.  I think I am ready to get start soon. 

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