Thursday, June 24, 2010

Frustration and Egyptians

It was very frustrating last night- I was off my creative game. Only thing I accomplished was to iron my Blythe clothing and sew buttons on the back of the garnment.  I attempted to work on the Forest and Frill shrug (yes, I cheated. I have already started.) and it just felt too clumsy.  I tried to make quick satisfing clothing from felt and that bombed completely.

I am hoping that tonight I am back on a good track.

I want to retry the Blythe quick clothing.  I have some really cute ideas that felt (although not quaility material, but who cares) would be ideal to use.

Now to Egyptians.

At the Arkansas Arts Center there has been an exhibit called Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.  I have been very excited about it but thus far have been unable to attend it.  This weekend is practically my last chance- it ends on July 3rd.

I am forcing my husband to go and R loves Egyptian related things, but to her it is all King Tut.  I am hoping that this is a much better experience to the King Tutankhamun exhibit in Dallas.  I was pretty disappointed with the overall operation of that one. I also felt like that it was not quite advertised accurately.

Now that I bought my second Blythe doll, I am not sure if I can afford any 'relics' from the gift shop.  I love art center or museum gift shops.  I always find the best books and jewelry for decent prices.  I have started a collection of Egyptian topiced books and jewelry.  My last birthday I received a sterling silver scarab necklace from the Dallas Art Center.  I should photograph the jewelry sometime.

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