Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Creepy Crescent Hotel

I went to Eureka Spring, AR again this year, but this time I got to stay in the Crescent Hotel.  A beautiful Victorian age hotel (it had been stripped of the Victorian fixtures and what not by a stupid previous owner) which has a very colorful past.

The hotel runs a nightly Ghost Tour.  Of course with it beginning an old building many deaths have occurred.  A couple examples, a young woman who was a student when the hotel was a school in the off time was pushed or jumped from the 4th floor observation deck. * She was unwed and pregnant. Another, a yound girl fell over the 3rd floor banister and hit the bottom floor.*  She is rumored to still haunt that floor.

The stupid owner ran a cancer hospital in the 1930s (I think) with questionable practices.  There is still the area that he used as a morgue and on the tour you get to go down there.*

T.A.P.S. team investigated the Crescent Hotel. (There is a video of it posted on YouTube but I don't know if it is violating copyright laws.  If you want to see it, go there.) They got this amazing infared footage of a figure on an army footlocker.

All along on the tour, I wasn't really seeing any validation to any of the stories we were being told by the tour guide. I was still pretty skeptical even in the morgue. I was actually standing right in front of that footlocker when I felt something behind me and I was in that room alone.  It sent a tingle up my spine.  I contributed it to nerves. 

Then we had a lights out section.  I stood up against a wall and then had something poking my legs.  Which, I took a photo of my legs right afterwards and I have this weird smug area.  I didn't have anything on me after the shot. it is hard to see, but it is on my left leg.

I had something pull my hair too, but nothing came up in the photo. 

I caught some other photos of orbs.  They were constantly around our tour guide.  I wonder if he was something familiar to the ghost so they are drawn to him.  Here is one:

Right leg

One last thought on my ghost experience.  When my parents were building the house I grew up in, a elderly Native Indian man told my parents that they were building the house on an indian burial site.  Of course, this could be true because it was on the Ouchita River area where is was said that Caddo Indians did live.  This could have just as easily been a falsehood too.  I learned this story when I was a bit older, but before then I had been experiences a presence and shadows.  I was convinced that it was an indian man.  I liked this idea.

Strange thing is I never shared this with my family until about 4 or 5 years ago.  Turns out my mom and my brother were having the same experiences. My brother has seen an indian man and a man with a beard.  My mom one night fell asleep on the couch.  She got up to go to bed and saw a man coming towards her.  Thinking it was my dad she called his name.  My dad was sound asleep in the bed.

Feeling what I did in the morgue reminded me of the sensations I would get at my home by myself.  It was a bit of a shock.
It was a really fun time over all.  I got super excited when I realized that the hotel had working cats!  They are mousers!

Maybe a snap dragon?  They grew out of the rock walls.  Whatever they are, they are cute!

*Please go to this website for more accurate information.  http://www.crescent-hotel.com/ghosts/index.html


Anonymous said...

Hey I enjoyed reading about this! Thanks for sharing. I love the ghost stories!

Pandora said...

I enjoyed the experience! Thanks for reading!