Tuesday, October 20, 2009

College Hats

So, if you who don't know I work at my alma mater's archives.  I found a photo in a yearbook once of a lady that was coined a spirit leader in a knit "REDDIES"* hat.  I have never found it since that day.  I have tried to look for it in all of the years that she was here with no luck.  I want to replicate the pattern in hopes to get some commissions.  Then I thought, "gee, why don't I do one for OBU too."

This is a goal for the new year.  I am going to take a bit of a break from swaps.  I will probably still participate in Reducio and HLBOE but that is it.

* What is a "Reddie"?  Apparently, a "Reddie" is a spirit.  It was the spirit of the students who were still prepared to learn and continue with the university after the campus burned to the ground in 1914.  The college was still under the Methodist curriculum and was named Henderson-Brown University.  Now, we are owned by the state, thus Henderson State University. I think we are the only university in Arkansas owned by church and state.

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