Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I gave up on Frankenstein for awhile. It has gotten too serious to work and listen.

I am trying NOT to give up on knitting my Ginny blanket. I am so darn close to finished. I think I have 6 or 7 blocks left.

I kind of given up on unpacking. It is getting there at about 3 items a day. I am actually waiting on the bookshelves to be painted. THEN boxes will get unpacked. I have all these books and no where to put them.... And not to mention, my little do-dads (nothing in particular) that I collect.

I guess May has been my giving up month. I wonder what June will be? Tanning month?

I went to a yardsale the other day and had to really really walk away from cameras* and sewing patterns and books. Eventually one just has to say no. I bought 2 dog leashes for a dollar instead. Not too bad when they cost 3+ each.

I am so sick of rain and bad weather. During the week while I am at work, it is pretty and sun shinny-- the weekend it is storming. Something is wrong there.

I guess I best go.

*On top of collecting sewing machines I collect cameras too.

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