Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Success

I made it another year. I hand knitted all of my family gifts. My mom and I were finishing the boys' slippers on Christmas Eve all in a rush, but they got finished! I asked her since I was in a time crunch to help me sew the zippers in by machine. She sewed and I did the finishing. I finished up somethings for R too.

Next year I think I am going to broaden my handmade gift idea. I am running out of practical gift ideas for the boys. I am thinking I should design t-shirts for them and screen print them. I will leave the making for the summer. It is so cold in my house the paint won't dry right now. Plus, I need a break.

Okay, here is some sentimental mom stuff. I have been mildly emotional this Christmas over R. She is 5 and I guess the end of the year always marks the fact she is getting older. She was so good and well behaved it was just amazing. It was a rough Christmas because this was the first year my grandpa was gone and having her here made it better.

Some of these unexpected emotions come from the fact I had a permanent birth control procedure in November. It is now final, she is my only child. Of course, adoption has been an option for me for awhile.  Right now we are not financial stable enough for another child in anyway.  Who knew I would get hit with this stuff at Christmas. time I will hopefully have more knitting info to share with you... I am just worn out on knitting at the moment.

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