Thursday, October 14, 2010

Parrot Dream

Never have I had the desire to own an exotic bird, but last night I dreamed I rescued one. Strangest thing.

I was walking home from work and I noticed that in a tree a Green Macaw had a string wrapped around it's let and a tree. I somehow climbed the tree and untangle the bird.  I carried it home to care for it. I had to contact someone I know that owns birds to help me with necessary items and how to clean it. 

There are several things wrong with this. For one, I am scared of heights, and two, like I said above, I am not a bird person. I am not sure if a Green Macaw is a real bird breed.

I made flyers trying to find it's home and no one claimed it. I then became a bird owner and taught Tico to leave it alone. Go figure.

I guess this is better than dreaming about the library basement. I could have gone all my life without seeing it. My first basement excursion was on Monday and I had to go down there again yesterday. I just knew it would fuel a nightmare.


Anonymous said...

What a funny dream! You know what? Davey and I were coming home the other day and were stopped at a light. This lady crosses the street carrying a large white bird - cockatoo? cockatiel? I am bird ignorant. That was first for me!

Pandora said...

Haha...I am bird ignorant too. I was a very weird dream. I keep expecting to see a macaw in the trees.