Monday, October 4, 2010

It's October!

I don't know where September went to! I have kicked it into high gear on Christmas gifts.  I have made a pretty fair dent in them.  If I could quit adding to the list I would be okay. I have now decided that everyone should have knitted slippers.  R's slippers are back to the original plan of piggies. 

On top of Christmas presents, I have several commisions.!

I have been debating on purchasing a new Blythe doll. Yesterday I was convince, but today I am not so sure.  I did get my Blybe doll in the mail that I am doing my customizations on. I ordered her eye chips and eye lashes too.  Now I have a body, head and eyes.  I can't start on it until I actually receive the body and head for Christmas from my husband.  I am afraid that paint matching won't be as easy as expected. The Krylon selection seems a bit limited in the browns.

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