Monday, April 6, 2009

Little Bit of Everything from Lady Arabella Carmichael!!

I went to Lady Arabella's blog today and had a heads up that my package was coming! I came home from work and there it was!

My mom was worse than my kid on opening everything. In fact R was pretty patient. Here is what I got:
Russell Stover- Internationale chocolates-- 90 seconds flat and we were ripping into them!

Cork stitch holders-- very cool, I have never seen anything like them! Sew personal labels-- these will be perfect for when I make Christmas gifts. A sweet card with puppies on it (it makes me ashamed for forgetting to add one to my package to my HSKS7 swap mate...naughty me.) Two thumbs up from R on the puppies!
A beautiful skein of Skinny Dyed red organic cotton yarn from Blue Sky Alpacas! It feels fantastic! I have no idea what to do with it, but my mind keeps wondering to a snugly toy. A little witch that was Arabella's first crochet project! My R claimed it first thing! She was so excited! She also really likes the "balloon" pin and the green ribbon that one of the packages was wrapped with...she is wearing both right now!

And finally, the hat! Once again beautiful Skinny Dyed Cotton red organic cotton yarn from Blue Sky Alpaca knit up in "Hermione's Cable and Eyelet" hat! I love it. It is so soft and fits me (and my hubby- we are having another cold snap so he is wearing it while weather-proofing his grape vines) perfect! I can't wait to wear it tomorrow to work! In fact I just might wear it inside all is cold enough!
Thank you so much Arabella!! You did a great job!


Rocky Moreno said...

I'm so happy you liked the package 8) I really do love the hat, in fact I'll be knitting me one too soon. Your daughter is so cute!

Pandora said...

Everything is great! I am really excited about the yarn. I have to let it sit for awhile before I use it. I guess I have to let the new wear off!

Jessica said...

Love the hat and goodies! You're daughter is such a cutie!

Pandora said...