Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BIG Sigh of Relief

My little owl with Emma's package made it to Germany! I am so relieved- it was his first international trip. Something funny, Emma made the Dante's purse for her swap mate also! I guess that proves it is a great pattern.

Still sick, but back at work. I am not accomplishing much though.

I am almost finished with my Warm Woolies hat. I had to resort to a different color of yarn- they were out of grey. It will look good though.

I have decided to put my centaur, pegusas, and hippogryph on hold for now. My LYS has quit ordering alpaca for the season and the colors choices are limited at this moment. I am hoping my motivation for these creatures pick back up in the fall. Part of the problem I think is that I am in the transition of moving. Not too fun trying to felt around boxes. I am going to delete these projects off of my ravelry, I think. I can't stand to see things that are without pictures.

Since being sick I have watched way too much TV mostly crime shows and flipping channels. I did catch a couple of David Bromen?'s Colorsplash show on HGTV. I really like his paintings that he does to dress up the spaces. He did one that is really similiar to something I did a couple years ago and it makes me really really itch to paint again. I want to do some some square paintings for this certain space in my house. I was thinking I can cut down on my yarn buying (start some stash busting) and purchase some canvases and take my painting out side. All along after gradutating part of problem has been where to paint and lighting. I really want to try it outside-- R can play in the sand and I can even fix up her a painting spot. I have some friends who want me to do a huge painting for their apartment livingroom and my project would give me a nice starting point. I am really excited and want to get started soon! It maybe awhile though, I have a lot going on with moving.

Well, off to finish the hat.

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