Thursday, September 4, 2008

Knit Happens.

I have watched Nightmare Before Christmas probably about 7 time in the past 2 days. My kid loves it and I am trying to observe the structural build of Jack and Sally. Jack will be simple...or so I think, but Sally proposed more of a challenge. So far she is only a head with some hair. I personally thinks she looks pretty accurate. I have think adding features will make it even better. I am excited.

I am still sitting on 1,000 yards of cream colored llama silk. The perfect pattern hasn't caught my eye yet. I have an "if all else fails pattern" from Stitch N' Bitch called Pin up Queen. I bought some more sock yarn, even though I haven't used the first skein I purchased. I found a tube sock pattern and was extremely excited and I thought that I could master it. Well, it just doesn't seem to work out. I am missing some step in my math process.

Good News! I am walking my swap package to the post office in about 45 minutes!

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