Sunday, September 14, 2008


Here is my HSKS6 questionnaire answers:

Potter Name:  Pandora Phelps

Rav ID:  PandoraPhelps

I am allergic to:  wool slightly.

Pets that I have:   an outside cat and a dog that inside some.

My favorite yarn: is  anything.

My favorite flavor:  is chocolate.

My favorite holiday:  I can't decide I love all three!  I celebrate Christmas more diligently though.

I would like to receive a:  Scarf kit or yarn dyeing kit, but any of the three would be great.

List your favorite brand of needles, including size and length:  any as long as they are wooden, due to carpal tunnel.

This is my first HSKS!
I will be having my birthday at Hogwarts this year on November 3!


E. Madley said...

it's always weird to have knitters allergic to wool... but this just means you get to use the other fun materials like bamboo, silk, cotton, and whatever they've managed to spin up!

Hi, I'm ella from Hufflepuff..just stopping by to say hi.

Stuart said...

We are birthday twins! Hurray!

Morgana Black said...

How do non-wooden needles affect carpel tunnel? Just curious, I hadn't heard of that before.