Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Disney World 2016

My family went on a week long Disney World vacation at the end of May.

It's a given we were exhausted and our feet hurt!  Just for the record, I really do not like Magic Kingdom too much.  Too crowded and sometimes after hearing kids screaming all day--  I need a drink.

Little Mermaid and Seven Dwarf Mine Train was being built the last time we were at Disney.  Meh, I could have skipped both of them this time.  Same goes for Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh.

What I did really love was It's a Small World.  I know, it's dated and a little creepy if you don't like dolls, but I love the fact that Mary Blair designed the ride.  Due to the times it was pretty rare for a woman artist in the illustrating business.  It makes the ride special and she had a very distinct style.

This time we spent a lot of time in Hollywood Studios since I have a Star War nut.

My Grumpy Little Jedi

R did the Jedi Experience.  She was hot and pretty grumpy.  

My selfie with a Jawa.  They were hilarious.

Epcot was having a garden event.  I didn't get a photo of very many of the topiaries.  R liked this one. We saw most of them.  At night after Illuminations fireworks on the Wold Showcase there were bunnies munching on the Woody one.  Should have gotten a photo.  


And, Joe in his new hat from Animal Kingdom.

Lastly, I actually went on Tower of Terror.  I have a fear of heights and get nervous in elevators.  

Back right.

Commemorative selfie.  I believe I was still shaking.

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