Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas time

I periodically get the crazy idea to make Christmas presents for everyone in my family.  I've skipped doing this for 2 years, but now I'm back to it.

I've made beaded bracelets for a few people, headbands, and sewn gifts.

It is difficult coming up with ideas for the men in my family.  I made glasses case with lanyard for my BIL, a heating pad cover for my daddy, and a blanket for my brother.

R is getting  a lot of handmade items.  Her big one from me this year is a Middie Blythe that I customized for her.

Last peak before being wrapped.

Along with the Middie is a collection of clothing and a carrying case.  I made her Blythe girls, Lisa and Coco, some outfits too.

Santa is bringing her a Mab Graves Pinkie and the baby dino cameo, and she is receiving a microscope, karaoke machine, and other odds and ends.  Her daddy is getting a necklace made from the shell of the bullet that killed her first deer this year.  Funny enough the shell has her initials on it.

I hope everyone who happens upon this post has a great holiday season!

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