Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Updates

My Christmas to do list has shortened, I think.

I have completed:

sister- yoga socks

mom- knit frog

brother- brown hat

brother-in-law- hunter green neckwarmer

child- piggy slippers

husband- hat

As of right now everyone has 1 knitted item completed but my daddy. Which, I decided, is getting framed photos of R and his late kitty, Scruffy.

R is getting a purple winter hat which I plan on doing this weekend.

Slipper Project-

child- done

dad- 80%

husband- 40%

brother- 5%

brother in law- 0%

sister- 0%

mom- 0%

It isn't looking very good, is it? I can have my sister's finished in no time, so I am not too worried about those. The mens' slippers are about to kill me. Easy pattern, but excruciatingly boring after the first pair.

I am so ready for knitting freedom. I have been knitting for someone else or for Christmas since September.  Plus, I want to knit myself a sweater in time for Christmas. Not happening.

Good news, I have all of my commissions finished but one. I think I will force myself soon.

Non-knitting topics:

I have been slowly building up my Doll Blog- I have 2 customizations still in the works. I am building a boy Blythe.

I have to serve on jury duty two days after Christmas, while I am on Holiday Vaction. :(

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