Thursday, March 18, 2010

Suffering Blog

I have been really neglecting my blog as of late.  Nothing has come to me to write about. I started a few but they went no where. 

I have been in a knitting funk.  I guess it is all the spring air we are having in Arkansas.  I've got to finish up my commissions.  I am sick of them. 

I have been knitting an adorable sweater by SockPixie.  Check out her complete blog: . I am using her pattern Retro Cardi.  I am axiously awaiting the child and adult versions.  It just maybe my first real person sweater. 

I participated in Ravelympics and accomplished my goals and more....  I have some really cute monster and creatures.  I wish I didn't give up my whale (narwhal, I was afraid to give it with the tooth to an unknown child or home), but it was for a good cause.  I donated him to my county foster program for a Valentine present.

Hmm...that is about it.

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