Monday, April 28, 2008


Sixth Entry:  I had a semi-productive weekend.  I finished some projects this weekend, like the Slytherin purse I was making for a friend and some other odds and ends.  So, I am back to making my dolls.  I am sad to say, I haven't finished my Harry Potter yet.  He only has half of his hair.  I figure after I get them completely finished making the clothing will go pretty fast.  Today while waiting on my stupid scanner to work I was thinking about Dobby.  My little girl loves him, we watch HP2 a lot because of him.  I was thinking I could use the basic pattern for my dolls and make a Dobby for her.  I am not going to tell her, I don't want to get her hopes up.  She tries to abscond off with my Ron (I am making her one of him too).  She is  pushy about her dolls and she is only 2.5.  I am excited to see if I can make a convincing Dobby.

My hubby graduates from college next Friday.  It seems like this is a bigger milestone than my graduate was, strange.  I think we are going to have an outdoor party hopefully!

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