Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fair Projects

This has been a super productive weekend so far.

I have these items on my Finished List now:

crochet toy Owlet
knitted toy Kitty
bathing suit
Fairy Light hat
St. Patty's Day cap

Next to finish is the baby sweater.  All I have left is buttons and an edge on the front.

I am waiting on the mailman for my yarn.  I am not sure if it will be here but I am hoping!!!  Damnit, it will be here Monday.....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Projects Update for the Week of July 25-29


I worked on my Bubble top until I ran out of yarn.  I just ordered more today, so this is on hold for 3-4 days more.  I got the front completely finished and nearly half way through the back.  Once I finish that, the pockets will be finished off, the roll collar added and the sleeves crocheted around.  It is pretty exciting!

I started on fingerless gloves.  One is about finished but when I get the second completed it will be ripped out to where the pattern starts.  I did the chart backwards and I am just bothered by the way it looks.

Last night I started two projects- a crocheted owlet and a purse.  The owlet is nearly finish from scrappy bits. The crown section is all I have left. The bag, well, I am still not sure how I want to finish it off.  I have about 3 1/2 inches of the body.  I can't decide if I want to do pleates and a seed stitch band at the top or two big pleats and a cable band.  The easiest, of course, would be the seed stitches, but I am kind of leaning towards the cable piece. I think I can knit it seperately while keeping my stitches for the top of the bag live.  Once I complete the band, go back and pick up stitches around it and knit the picked up and live one together to attatch it.  Not sure if it will work.   Also, I am thinking about picking up stitches at the bottom to give it a bit of dimension. I am using yarn that has been in my stash for at least 2 years.  It is very pretty and I have had a hard time choosing a pattern for it.  In truth, I forgot about it a bit.  It is Trendsetters Natasha yarn in Red, Purples and metallics.

I am making a second baby sweater to enter in the fair.  It is puple ombre and yellow.  I hope to make more to give to the hospital R was born. This one is a preemie sized.  I have one edge and a sleeve left.  Here is the first one I made for a neighbor:

I picked out another future project for the Knit Picks Simply Cotton yarn in Bermuda Heather that was gifted to me, Leafy Lace Cardigan.  I hope it isn't too hard.  I am not a huge fan of lace.  Here is a photo from the designer's Craftster page.  I am order 2 more skeins of this yarn. 

Next week, I hope to post an updated fair list.  :) Yea!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stash Busting and Future List

Hopefully with Christmas looming in the near future I will be able to stash bust.  Some of my yarn just has to be used up.  There has been yarn purchased for specific projects, gifted yarn and left over yarn.  I have 3 skeins of Cotton Fleece in Cotton Ball that will be used for Leaf Yoke Top.  It is the one with a really terrible photo.  I would have never chose the pattern with this girl modeling it. It is the one with the model with sunglasses, a hand bag, and a belt over the top.

Four skeins of Knit Picks CotLin in Whisker left over from my first Unmentionables.  I way over bought so I have been left with 492 yards of yarn without a project, too little or too much for projects. I am purchasing 2 more skeins to make this sweater, Mary Jane:

In HSKS 9 I received 4 skeins of Berroco Comfort Worsted. I thought I could use it for the Mary Jane sweater but decided it was more fitting for the Scoop Pullover. I have about 200 yards more than it requires.

This is really the first time that I have ever enough yarn to make large projects.

I hope to stash bust with Fair projects too.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend in Review

This weekend was almost productive.  I had Friday night to myself because R and Joe went for an overnight stay to fish at the river.  R apparently had a blast.  They were supposed to be home at 10 am, they got home at 3:30 pm. She had decided 3 fish just wasn't enough she needed to catch more.

While they were gone I cleaned a little.  Cleaning my house is something that has been neglected for awhile.  I can actually see the top of my dining room table again.  Slowly I am getting things put away.  I also have been culling for a yard sale.  Some of my yarn is going.  Mostly it is acrylics.  I am sick of my Vanna Baby Choice.  I haven't been using it lately, so it is going. Some awful purple fluffy stuff and the banana silk.  I have been shoving it around my house since I got it. I, suprisingly, sold the purple and blue mix to a fellow knitter so she could finish up a project. Banana silk was a very expensive lesson.

As I am cleaning I am trying to organize future projects by using gallon size ziplocks.  At the beginning of summer I acquired several from places and I started storing WIPs inside them.  Depending on where I was going I would just grab a project. It was great until I spilled Dr. Pepper down one.  I am trying this method again by labeling and sorting by person or project.  So far I have:

R's Ladybug slippers
R's Future secret project (I might try to get it published.)
My sister's socks
My Leaf Yoke Sweater
R's Weasley Sweater
My future sweater, Maybe Mary Ann

That is all I remember.

Now to what I knitted on this weekend.  I started my sister's Christmas socks.  I have about 3 inches finished.  I imagine it will be a good work break project.

I finally finished the Retro Bathing Suit!  It is really cute.  Still big, but cute. I am hoping that R grows into it.  I have some awful photos of her wearing it.  She was being very contrary.

I restarted my bubble top sometime last week.  Did I even post what happened? I was on the last side decreases (about 5 inches from the beginning of pockets, 15 inches away from CO) when I realized something was very wrong.  I knew my numbers were off, but wasn't overly concerned, I thought it was just one extra stitch and I had one decrease round left.  So, I was going to compensate. I decided to count the pocket stitches to make sure I chose the ideal place for the decrease so everything would be even.  Well, apparently counting was a weakness the day I started the pockets.  I, from the very beginning, casted on wrong for the pockets. I did 37 for one and 42 for the other- 42 was correct.  I was so flipping mad at myself. I ripped and put it down for a week.

NOW, I am past the pockets and front section with all numbers mostly correct.  I think I had 2 or 3 extra stitches.  It was all good because I compensated in the bodice increases! I am so happy. The lace looks perfect and I am nearly to the arm holes. Bad news, I am on my last skein of yarn and it is half used.  I am not ordering until I completely run out.  I have many other projects that can be worked on while I wait for the mail.

Started and frogging the Beauxbatons sweater for Fleur.  It is nothing like what I wanted. I did too many raglan increases which gives it a bulky football jeresy look. I wanted a sweater that was fenimine and form-fitting.

Okay, I have resolved my stress knitting situation.  I posted the lasted time without my fair listings.  The list is so outdated and poorly catergorized that only half of my projects are going to fit.

Here is the revised lists:

Fairy hat (hat)
St. Patty's hat (cap)
Nessie (toy)
Fluffy Bunny or Marmalade Kitty (Knitted toy)
Retro bathing suit (other)

To make-
fingerless mitts (Emerald Mitts with leftover Ultra Pima)
crochet toy? (Pass the Pigs or Owlet, depends on which is easier due to lacking skills in crochet)
pillow cover
dish towl
pot holder
doll with clothing
house shoes?

To finish-
Bubble top (sweater- yea! almost there)
baby sweater (infant sweater)

I have a baby hat finshed that I need to find.  My "To make" list increase but with small items. I think the pot holder, dish towel and even the purse could be a one day item.

I can't belive how out dated it is, but any who....  The list isn't nearly as daunting now.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stress Knitting

It is sad when your knitting stresses you out. I want to make so many things that it drives me insane that it isn't not always possible.

For example, I have to knit Christmas presents. I don't HAVE to but I want to.

Another example, I want to add many many items to the County Fair this year.  I have 3 list going- Finished, To be finished, and To make.  It is a sad sight.

Fairy Hat (adult division)
St. Patty's Day Hat (child division)

And that is it. Unless I add my Zero scarf as a finished, which just might happen.

To be finished-
Bubble top
baby blanket (which I hope is big enough to count as afghan)
bathing suit (not sure if there is even a good catergory for it)
Weasley sweater (childs)
baby sweater

To make-
fingerless mitts
doll with removable clothing
legwarmer (they are being frogged)

Gosh, unless I start making some of these Christmas presents, there is no hope.

It just about makes me sick the fact all of this needs to be finished in a month. This is just the beginning of the list. 

I am going to have a short weekend because there is so much I want to do during my 3 days.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


My things to make list is getting really long.  I have 3 little sweater so make for my Blythes.  Penelope and Fleur need "Weasley Sweater" and Fleur needs a Beauxbatons sweater.  I will make a sewn silky cloak in grey also. I just read on Wikipedia that the uniforms are made with blue and grey.  I thought I remembered the emblem being in gold.  I don't actually have any yarn for the two Weasley sweaters, but I can dig up some for my Beauxbatons sweater.

I am going to give the curlers a whirl this weekend.  They should be a quick and easy sewing project. I have tons of stuffing that I need to use up too!  Side note- I think they will work perfectly.  The pipe cleaner curler was a success, so why would fabric ones not be?

I want to make little Halloween costumes for my Blythes.  Now that I have three, it is going to be quite a chore. I have ideas already though.  I want Penelope to be a octopus, Ginny a pumpkin, and Fleur a pretty witch. (Not to mention I have R's costume to get together too.  I am trying to convince her to be Coraline.)

Oh, something else I would like to do is make Blythe-size buttons out of oven bake clay.  I have some, I just need to find it.  I wish I could take a week off from work and do all of this! 

Gosh, all of this I want to do, BUT I need to finish some of my UFOs. *Sighs* With the county fair coming up in September, it means I need to get somethings put together for that.  It is my only foreseen source of extra money in the future.

There is just not enough hours in the day.

Later in the day-

I forgot to post about my weird overwhelming urge to knit my Blythes winter clothing.  Yes, I am crazy. I think they all need warm coats and hats.  I want to make them fluff rimmed bonnets.  Why would I want to do this? Who knows.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


What has gotten into me?  I now want to blog all the time. Strange.

I had a though last night as I was trying to repair the damage to Penelope's bangs after having a wig on, I should my mini hair rollers for my Blythes. 

I am not sure if it will even work, but I truly should try it.  I was reading on the Big Eyes Little Sweater forum on Ravelry about making the dolls hair curling slightly in boiling water.  It was just a dip and please, no one use my info on your Blythe! Of course, I am not up to anything that scary.  I was thinking that if I made fabric curlers with just a little stuffing and ties. It would do the trick if they are slightly damp. I have seen a tutorial on how to make them for people somewhere, except I think they had a button rather than ties. It would be better than useing a pipe cleaner as a curler.

I really like the wigs, but it wrecks havoc on the existing hair.  Gosh, it was unbelivable what it did to Ginny's hair in just a couple of hours.  Now, all three are on my shelf wig-less.

I have seen scalps for custom rooting hair.  I asked on the forum if these could have wigs place over the top of them.  The person who responded misunderstood me.  She thought I was wanting to put a scalp over the existing scalp.  Well, I knew better than that.  What I really was asking was can a wig fit on a bald scalp without any trouble?  I just did not envision at the time how could a wig go over the pre-existing hair.  The answer was a wig cap, but gee, it about ruined Ginny and Penelope's hair. Now, I am wondering if I could put a bald scalp on if I want to have one of my dolls wear a wig for an extended period of time to conserve the condition of the original hair.  Sometime in the future, probably no time soon, I will order one or two to try it out.  If it doesn't work, I can always use it to root hair. I will be worth it.

I hope to start soon on my secret Blythe project!

More thoughts on Christmas gifts

I have been plotting more seriously about Christmas.


I have been enlisting the help of Claire (Knit Unto Others yarn shop owner) and my mom to help me with ideas for my dad.

These are my options:
             -thick socks
             -stash moth

I don't really want to knit a vest.  I just do not see myself finishing it.


I asked Momma is she wants something useful or a sit around.  Her response, "I think I deserve both." Okay, so maybe she does. 

These are my options:
                  -selkie change purse
                  -string bean frog
                  -reading glasses hanging case


He is such a butt. I ask him what can I make him, "Nothing, I have everything." THEN, he comes up with this "brilliant" idea of me making him a gun cozy.  Poor baby's hand nearly freeze to his gun, but he won't wear gloves!!!! I wanted to make him a pair...nooooo...I don't wear gloves. I told him no way am I knitting a gun cozy.

So, there is still no advancement on ideas for him.


I am making her lady bug slipper out of Polar Fleece yarn rather than piggies.  I purchase pink yarn rather than purple.  I forgot that there wasn't enough purple.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Yarn Dyeing, Take 2

I misread the Potions assignment SO here is a second one.


Rung out

Dye soak

Steam- ready

Heat up

Cool down

After rinse

Close up

Wondering how I got the twist?  This is 77% Bamboo (plant fiber) and 23% Super Wash Merino dyed with red kool-aide.  Cool, huh?

OH, I just realized today I have been spelling Dyeing incorrectly....GAH!

Pandora Phelps- Slytherin

Yea for Mail!


In the HLBOE swap I am in a "wizards duel" with a Pixie Rib Hat.  I am pretty sure that I will be curse today via USPS!  Here is my finished "protection charm" that is going to Freya Lovegood, modeled by R:

Classic, shirt on backwards with watermelon all down it.

Yarny Yarn Yarn

I am in a swap called HLBOE on Ravelry.  This week's assignment was Potions which we dyed yarn.  I blogged previous about my dyeing excursions with food coloring and tie-dye kits.  The skein of yarn I choose to dye for the assignment is merino, bamboo and nylon sock yarn.  I went ahead and purchased some animal based yarns to use the materials that I have already purchased. 

The dye colors were royal blue, orange and yellow (kool-aid).  I might have added some purple kool-aid too.  Of course blue and orange are oposites of the color wheel.  They compliment each other but when you mix them together it mutes the colors.  Certain shades of blue and oranges make lovely browns.

I can see the appeal to dyeing wool, it is quick and easy.  It was almost instantaneous. I was not even finished squirting dye on it and it was set.  However, I had to be careful not to felt it.  Cotton, you can scrub it, squish it, swirl it, etc. and it stays the same!


dye mix


lots of blue and orange added

heat up

close up
Final product to come soon.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Three Blythes

Penelope, Ginny, Fleur

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My 3rd Blythe is in Route!

I just tracked my 3rd Blythe doll.  She was reciding in Missouri just one state above me and she is in route!  I have already named her, Fleur. Okay, okay, I will admit it.  I am naming them after Harry Potter characters- Penelope Clearwater, Ginny Weasley, and Fleur Delacour.  It is more of just inspiration, not really after the characters themselves and I dropped the last names.

If I ever get Simply Guava, which will be my last Blythe for the year, her name will be Nymphadora.  With pink hair I think it is fitting. I wished that I would have held off on my Simply Mango because now they can be order together with a discount at This is Blythe. 

I did just order some wigs.  This will be intersting.  They are cute and I hope they fit my Takara as well as Ashtond Drakes. I ordered 2 wigs and got one free, a wig cap, an outfit on sale and a re-ment (call me stupid, but I this means reproduction) Little Twin Stars charm set with free shipping.  This is officially the last I can spend on my Blythes, especially with Christmas just months away.  In fact, I am feeling a little guilty for spending the money. 

I plan to take some photos this weekend with the clothing that I have made for them.  I hope to write a few more patterns too.  I can visualize this shrug that I want to make but the yarn is not corporating or the lace or the needles....  I guess I may have to rethink it completely.  I also have a project idea still in the works.  It might be my first for sale pattern.  It will be useful for dolls or needles....what a combination!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dream and Christmas

Last night I dreamed that I finally got the courage to crack open one of my Blythes to customize her.  It was a bit strange. I had to wash her up with soap then unscrew her head and then wash her interior also (which I do not think is necessary unless you sand her face).  Magically, new eye chips were appearing for me to use.  I vaguely remember tools that I could carve her features with also. I found inside of her a second pull cord inside to make her have sleepy eyes or something.  I think my coworker was in the dream with me.  She customizes doll, just not Blythes.

Then my dream morphed.  The second dream was even more strange.  At least I was being productive in the first dream.

Christmas lists-

It is about time for me to start thinking about Christmas.  I am feeling pressure, but not enough to get me started on them.

Sister- yoga socks, 1 or 2 pairs, maybe a neckwarmer too?
Momma- selky change purse (inside joke)
Daddy- beer cozy? and friendly stash moth?
Brother-I-L- beer cozy and...
Brother- beer cozy and...
Daughter- Penelope monster backpack, piggy slippers

From Danger Craft Etsy Shop

I wanted to make my husband, brother, and b-i-l all "stuffed" game.  I am sure a bit of explanation is require.  All three hunt and I thought it would be funny if I knitted deer heads and mounted them on a board.  To me, it would be hillarious.  To them, I don't know. I guess I could knit them something boring like hunting gloves. Either way, here are the patterns I have in mind:



I am not sure if my dad would need a stash moth.  I am pretty sure he has wool sweater that it would be useful if I decide to do it.

The Penelope backpack, I have plans to alter the pattern just a bit.  I tried this once before but I have a new idea since then.  This time my idea will work.  I will probably use Jeanee Chunky in denim blue and a lilac.

The piggy slipper will be made from Polar Fleece in purple and a Polar Fleece pattern.  R's new favorite color is purple.

This topic will be updated in the future!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blythe Mania

I just bought another Blythe doll.  Silly I know, but it was a really good deal.  I purchased Pleasant Peasant off of ebay that included:

Doll + Pleasant Peasant apparel
2 Blythe dress forms
1 blonde curly wig and wig cap
1 outfit with boots
Vintage sewing patterns (one of them was a Skipper pattern!)

This was an outrageously good deal.  Wigs run about 18-20 dollars, wig cap is about 3-4 dollars, dress forms are 25 from This is Blythe, and outfit could be 6-15 dollars.  I don't know how much Vintage patterns are in retail.  I was going to spend about 20 dollars less for just the doll so I am really glad I found this on ebay.

Photo from Amazon.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Updating on Projects

My project updates are getting a little ridiculous because it is practically the same things!

My new project is Soft Kid Bubble from Boutique Knits book. I am about 9 inches into it. Now I am having to problem solve because I am leaving out the pockets.  This was an attempt to conserve yarn because I maybe about 80 yards short and I just think they will stretch and hang funny. That 9 inches is looking very beautiful.

Next project which I thought I was finished with is the Leaf tee.  I am going back and putting sleeves in and ribbing along the neck and bottom edges.  Everytime I look at it I just feel it is crappy looking and unfininshed.  Not just that I felt very frumpy wearing it.  I used yarn that had no dye lot and it is very obviously that I did not incorporate it together.  I am actually banking on some dye bleeding in the blocking process to make it somewhat uniform.

Black Unmentionables are a couple of rounds away from being finished. I am ripping out the BO in the first leg because I think it is too tight for the ruffle.  Nothing major, but I am happy to see them nearly finished.

Inamorata, the infamous trouble maker, is still incomplete.  I wanted to wear it on 4th of July weekend so I was trying my best to get it finished.  I have been crocheting around until I get to the spots that need straps to cut down on finishing time.  I have finished the front straps and button holes/buttons and I was rounding to the spot of the back straps.  I put the top on so my husband could help me place the straps. I got up without thinking and ripped out 5 inches of crochet.  I was so angry I haven't touched it since.  It has been nothing but a pain in the rear!!!!

R's retro bathing suit is just about finished!! I can't remember if I have posted about this project.  It is so cute; it is a SockPixie pattern that she published with Petite Purls online publication.  I am using Cascade Fixation in hot pink and lime green.  I am working on the ribbing around the sleeves and the neck and back.  R is so tiny that the size 2t is too large, but hopefully this means she can wear it next summer too. 

I am continuing writing patterns for my Blythe dolls.  Unfortunately, my weekend did not go as planned so nothing new is ready.

I did work on my second batch of cotton yarn that I dyed. I have several more section that need to be rinsed before I post photos.  I will post the first attempt at the same time.  The tie-dye kit has been working out rather well.  I am pretty proud of the finished products.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shark Hat for Blythe

Doesn't every doll need a Shark Hat?  Well, yes.  This pattern has only been tested once.  I will soon test it again.  It is very likely a flaw or two in my pattern writting skills.

download now


Copyright by Natalie Scrimshire 2010

This is for personal use only. Please do not sell pattern.

I can be reached at or at Ravelry user name- PandoraPhelps.

Bulb Skirt for Blythe

Blythe is the perfect doll to knit for, she is so versatile and everything looks good on her.  This is one of the first items I knitted for my Blythe named Ginny, a Bulb Skirt. It is a quick and simple knit.  A perfect beginner magic loop pattern!

Bulb Skirt


US 2 DPNs or US 2 24 inch Circular needles
Fingering weight yarn with elastic
Yarn darning needle

Pattern notes:

Skirt is knitted bottom up. Add ribbing to the waist in the 3 rows before the bind off if yarn does not have elastic. This is a perfect beginner Magic Loop project. Just divide stitches evenly on the needles.


Co 40

Knit 1 round.


*K1, KFB,* repeat to the end.

Knit multiple rounds until desired length.

This example has about 18 rounds.


*K2tog,* all around.

Knit 2 rounds

*K2tog, K1,* repeat to the end.

Knit 3 rounds.

BO loosely and weave in ends.

Copyright by Natalie Scrimshire 2010

This is for personal use only. Please do not sell pattern. I can be reached at or at Ravelry user name- PandoraPhelps

Friday, July 2, 2010

Appleby Arrows

After much anticipation, I got my Appleby Arrows package today from HSKS 9.

Containing my excitement I read the note first that explained a few items and gave an apology for tardiness from the lovely Olive Brumblebirch. 

I opened the box and what did I see, many little silver wrapped bundles with customized Appleby Arrow labels.



THEN, I ripped, ripped and ripped.  R came in and helped me out towards the end.  She just knew it was tiresome for me to do it alone....haha.

Here is what Olive sent to me:

4 skeins of Berroco, which I am pretty excited about.  Enough yardage to redo the Emmaline pattern.

3 skeins of Knit Picks organic cotton in Heather Wave, Heather Bermuda, and Heather Grey.  I just ordered more. I could not have picked any better for myself!

Special Edition Appleby Arrow Stitch makers, beautiful shades of blue and silver!

Appleby Arrow stationary

Handmade accessory bag

Handmade bag, which is gorgeous.

Harmony DPNs in US 9

Interlocking Stitch markers

Cute little owl that is definitely going on my Christmas tree.  My tree is homemade/ folksy.

2 items from a local artist in Portland, OR, Lotion bar in Orange and Sage and solid perfume called Dragons Blood.  How fitting to the Harry Potter World.  The lotion bar is really awesome!

Ashley Hat pattern by Beth Gaiantino

Emerald Fingerless Mitts pattern - a black pepper design

I sincerely apologize if I have forgotten something!  I got many wonderful things and I thank you very much!

Cotton dyeing

Well, I dyed my cotton. It is resting right now letting the dye set. I got a tie dye kit with fuchsia, turquoise, green, yellow, purple. At first it was a little overwhelming but my art skills finally kicked in! The hardest colors to deal with were the green and purple. All of the other colors were pretty easy to get creative with to make surprising colors.

Now, if any of the colors turn out, I guess we will see soon.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dyeing yarn

I recently have been attempting to dye cotton yarn with kool-aid and gel food coloring. First attempt was awful. My color washed out. Right now my second attempt is in the works. Sometime this weekend I am going to get a tie-dye kit. I do plan to purchase real dyes but I want to practice on inexpensive products first.

I even thought about dyeing wools. I can wear gloves and mask if the fibers irritate me skin. I think it would be okay.

On Ravelry I have gotten myself set up as a designer. Hopefully I will soon get all of that figured out. Right now I am working on some Blythe doll patterns to publish- the Shark Hat is one and the other a Bulb Skirt. My friend told me that they are also called Tulip Skirts. I will post the patterns here and on Ravelry.