Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saturday, June 26, 2010

She is here!

My new Blythe is here finally! I am now understanding the differences between the ADG and the Neos. Not extreme but I can see that wigs and eye chips could be a problem. I will post a photo soon!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Frustration and Egyptians

It was very frustrating last night- I was off my creative game. Only thing I accomplished was to iron my Blythe clothing and sew buttons on the back of the garnment.  I attempted to work on the Forest and Frill shrug (yes, I cheated. I have already started.) and it just felt too clumsy.  I tried to make quick satisfing clothing from felt and that bombed completely.

I am hoping that tonight I am back on a good track.

I want to retry the Blythe quick clothing.  I have some really cute ideas that felt (although not quaility material, but who cares) would be ideal to use.

Now to Egyptians.

At the Arkansas Arts Center there has been an exhibit called Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.  I have been very excited about it but thus far have been unable to attend it.  This weekend is practically my last chance- it ends on July 3rd.

I am forcing my husband to go and R loves Egyptian related things, but to her it is all King Tut.  I am hoping that this is a much better experience to the King Tutankhamun exhibit in Dallas.  I was pretty disappointed with the overall operation of that one. I also felt like that it was not quite advertised accurately.

Now that I bought my second Blythe doll, I am not sure if I can afford any 'relics' from the gift shop.  I love art center or museum gift shops.  I always find the best books and jewelry for decent prices.  I have started a collection of Egyptian topiced books and jewelry.  My last birthday I received a sterling silver scarab necklace from the Dallas Art Center.  I should photograph the jewelry sometime.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why yes, yes I am crazy.

I just order my second Blythe doll.  I have suspicion I will be very in trouble with the mother and husband. 

She is apparently a reproduction of the original Blythe doll produced by Kenner. 

I don't really care about all of that except for she is pretty and a bit less expensive as my previous one. 

I bought R a mini Blythe statuette. I wish I could find a cheap priced petite Blythe.

R is getting the cute little ballerina doll. 

*Photos from

Monday, June 21, 2010

Gryffindor Ginny

My Blythe, named Ginny, in her jeans and Gryffindor sweater that was a gift from Mrs.Mamma in December Reducio swap.

I did some very brave altering for it to fit Ginny just right!


Another project update-

I am still working on mostly the same projects as last time.  I am about sick of them.  I am truly trying to force myself to get these finished before starting anything new.

I have the straps and the crocheting left on the Inamortia top.  It has been the biggest pain in the ass.  I finally admitted that I was running out of yarn so I had incorporate a second color.  I truly want this finished by 4th of July so I can wear it.

The black unmentionables are slowly getting there.  I work on them in the car mostly. I am about finished with the belly and waist area.

I think this is a new project since my last post, Summer leaf tee. It is going rather well.  I have had to order yarn to finish it.  I was fortunate enough to find some for a fair price.  I am pretty excited, I am about to finish this project today!  Two or 3 row and then the BO!  I am absolutely wearing it tomorrow.

I plan to start on a shrug called Forrest and Frills (it is the very last *for sale patterns* on the right) soon. I am hoping to use my J.C. Brett Marble Chunky yarn.  Once again, I may not have enough yarn.  Lately, that has been the story of my knitting life.  Good news is that my LYS carries it.

There has been a couple of side projects along the way.  I made a hat called Orchids and Fairy Lights (same link as above, 7th pattern down) with my Misti Alpaca Cotton/Silk. I have been saving this skein for 2 years for the perfect project.  I have another skein in pale pink which is going to be a smaller version of this hat for R.

I am attempting to write a pattern for my Niffler.

I have a clothing series for my Blythe doll in the works.  She is going to be decked out in Alice in Wonderland themed costumes.  I am contemplating order a second Blythe. I am useing various yarns in my stash.

Another new pattern I want to make is a Leaf Yoked top. Lace isn't my friend but I want this top oh so bad. I just bought 3 skeins of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for it in Cotton Ball color.

Ah, I also want to make the Rusted Root sweater. There is so very little time and too many patterns.  Well, I have too little patience too.  I want to take a bit of a break on big projects after the 2nd undercrackers and leaf sweater.

I signed back up for HLBOE.  I am pretty excited.  I have been digging around through my stash of items.  I think I am ready to get start soon. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Creepy Crescent Hotel

I went to Eureka Spring, AR again this year, but this time I got to stay in the Crescent Hotel.  A beautiful Victorian age hotel (it had been stripped of the Victorian fixtures and what not by a stupid previous owner) which has a very colorful past.

The hotel runs a nightly Ghost Tour.  Of course with it beginning an old building many deaths have occurred.  A couple examples, a young woman who was a student when the hotel was a school in the off time was pushed or jumped from the 4th floor observation deck. * She was unwed and pregnant. Another, a yound girl fell over the 3rd floor banister and hit the bottom floor.*  She is rumored to still haunt that floor.

The stupid owner ran a cancer hospital in the 1930s (I think) with questionable practices.  There is still the area that he used as a morgue and on the tour you get to go down there.*

T.A.P.S. team investigated the Crescent Hotel. (There is a video of it posted on YouTube but I don't know if it is violating copyright laws.  If you want to see it, go there.) They got this amazing infared footage of a figure on an army footlocker.

All along on the tour, I wasn't really seeing any validation to any of the stories we were being told by the tour guide. I was still pretty skeptical even in the morgue. I was actually standing right in front of that footlocker when I felt something behind me and I was in that room alone.  It sent a tingle up my spine.  I contributed it to nerves. 

Then we had a lights out section.  I stood up against a wall and then had something poking my legs.  Which, I took a photo of my legs right afterwards and I have this weird smug area.  I didn't have anything on me after the shot. it is hard to see, but it is on my left leg.

I had something pull my hair too, but nothing came up in the photo. 

I caught some other photos of orbs.  They were constantly around our tour guide.  I wonder if he was something familiar to the ghost so they are drawn to him.  Here is one:

Right leg

One last thought on my ghost experience.  When my parents were building the house I grew up in, a elderly Native Indian man told my parents that they were building the house on an indian burial site.  Of course, this could be true because it was on the Ouchita River area where is was said that Caddo Indians did live.  This could have just as easily been a falsehood too.  I learned this story when I was a bit older, but before then I had been experiences a presence and shadows.  I was convinced that it was an indian man.  I liked this idea.

Strange thing is I never shared this with my family until about 4 or 5 years ago.  Turns out my mom and my brother were having the same experiences. My brother has seen an indian man and a man with a beard.  My mom one night fell asleep on the couch.  She got up to go to bed and saw a man coming towards her.  Thinking it was my dad she called his name.  My dad was sound asleep in the bed.

Feeling what I did in the morgue reminded me of the sensations I would get at my home by myself.  It was a bit of a shock.
It was a really fun time over all.  I got super excited when I realized that the hotel had working cats!  They are mousers!

Maybe a snap dragon?  They grew out of the rock walls.  Whatever they are, they are cute!

*Please go to this website for more accurate information.