Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm ready, I'm ready

I received my horse pattern yesterday! (I found and bought a pattern of a horse here: Hedgehog Lane) I am excited. I gave myself a day off of knitting last night. After making my niffler my figures were screaming for a break.

I really want to do the unsensible thing and start my centaur without knowing how to do the pattern. I am going to try to make the horse and then carry on. I guess I will make a unicorn first. THEN my centaur. I am going to make a pegusas also.

I emailed someone on ravelry about a week or so ago about her gryffin. It is fantastic, I want to make one so I asked her about her pattern. She doesn't really have a pattern, she is a freeform crocheter, but she is going to let me have here notes. I hope I can translate them into something knitted. I guess I need to learn to crochet.

I am pretty happy my weekend starts at 2pm. This week has drug on.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hide Your Shiny Things!

Here is my niffler! I invisioned a niffler to look mole/ platapus-like. Don't ask, I some reason kept thinking platapus. The feet may not be permanent, I lost inspiration when it came to them.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Creating Magical Creatures

I am at work with a baby sweater I am to make for my LYS and something is wrong. I have search through ravelry and it does not appear that anyone else had a problem. Grr...I think I am going to have to email someone to find the source of my error. First I would like some idea of the problem though.

Now to the title of this blog entry. I want to make a niffler, hippogryph, and a crup. The crup is the jack russell terrier one. Ther niffler will a possibility. Hippogryph probably never happen, and crup, I guess I will have to create my own jack russell pattern. I don't really want to, but oh well. I think I am going to start on the niffler tonight. Hopefully anyways!

I also want to eventually work on my camera purse bag thing. I mise well get started at least planning while I have all of my request finished except for the baby sweater.

Off to think about the niffler! And listen to OOP. And type Civil War letters.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lost Tapes

It is a new week for the HSKS7 and HLBOE swaps, so here is my post.  

I have been watching Lost Tapes on the Animal Planet today.  It has been fantastic, I love these kind of shows!  Right now it is on the megaconda! (Now thunderbird) I may even knit a Owlman. 

I am in the search of a Jack Russell terrier knitting pattern.  I have found several crochet patterns.  I haven't gone back to find the name of the creature, but I am listening to OOP at work and there is a creature that is similar to a Jack Russell terrier except for it has a forked tail.  I thought that it would be cool if I made one.  

Updates on Swaps:  

HLBOE-  I have to finish a bookmark.  Slow going because it is small thread.

HSKS7-  I am completely finished with my package.  I am just waiting for the bonus dates.  

Update on Projects:

Baby sweater-  Back is finished.  I have a hang up on the front.  I started the purl line pattern and I found that something is off and I am not sure what yet.  

Harry doll-  I made a Harry Potter head sometime ago and now I am giving him a body.

Mandrake-  I finished my mandrake awhile ago, but now I am going to work on writing the pattern.  I never really write my patterns out, I do everything from memory.  I think to make sure that it is understandable I am going to have to make another mandrake.  

I guess I need to get back to working on Harry.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

History of the Shrieking Shack

History of the Shrieking Shack

By Pandora Phelps

The so called Shrieking Shack in Hogsmede was built in 1856 by the wizarding family, the Van Hoffs.  The Van Hoffs were a fairly wealthy family that produced magical watering cans.  These watering cans were quite helpful for the busy witch at home trying to raise a family and a garden.  Unfortunately, the watering can was outlawed in 1902 by the Muggle Protection Act.  A muggle woman spent quite a stint in a Sanitarium after the stress of the water can moving on its own.  Her family was convinced that she suffered from exhaustion.

 The Van Hoffs suffered financially after the watering can fiasco.  They had to leave their home in Hogsmede to live with a wealthily elderly aunt.  The house was not occupied after the family's relocation.  The mansion fell into disrepair and haunting suspicions began to circle due to horrifying sounds emitting from it at night.

It is discovered that a passage was links the Shrieking Shack and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  This passage way was created when student Remus Lupin was invited to attend Hogwarts.  Remus Lupin was bitten by Fenir Greyback, a demented werewolf, as a child.  To protect the other students, Albus Dumbledore placed Lupin in the Shrieking Shack each month at the full moon and to further protect students a aggressive breed of willow was planted, know as the Womping Willow.  

The Shrieking Shack also harbored other persons.  Sirius Black escaped from Azakaban and took refuge in the house.  Tom Riddle used it as a war headquarters during the War at Hogwarts.  

Today, the Shrieking Shack still stands and is an attraction for Hogwarts students at Hogsmede visits.  Although, it is quiet, stories circulate to scare the first years.

The Moon-Sweeper

The Moon-Sweeper

by Pandora Phelps

My dream broom is named the Moon-Sweeper.  The physical appearance consist is black with silver and gold streaks with stars.  The foot rest are positioned for the flyer to place their feet towards the bristles of the broom to optimize the aerodynamics.  Another physical feature is anti-fray bristles

The magical aspects of the Moon-Sweeper consist of the GPS-hex, anti-freezing jinx, and heat emitting spell.  All three of these are applied to the broom for the comforts for the flyer.  

With all of these features it makes the Moon-Sweeper the most perfect broom for Quidditch or a lengthy flying trip.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Photo Tag

I was tagged by my swap mate today, Emma Gorodok.  Here is the rules:

1. Go to your pictures on your computer
2. Open the 6th folder
3. Choose the 6th picture
4. Show the picture on your blog and write something about it.
5. Invite 6 new people to this challenge.
6. Link to them and let them know they have been tagged.

So, here it is:  
This photo is of my little girl at a Halloween party on 1 November 2009.  She is dressed up as Tinker Bell.  I was a lazy bum and bought her costume, maybe this year I can make it.  She really had a good time.  She learned Michael Jackson's Thriller dance from the '80s. 

First Hogsmede Visit

This is the first Hogsmede visit since Christmas break and it came in just a nick of time. I am in desprate need for yarn to start participating in Hermonie's S.P.E.W. projects.

I first purchased my yarn which is what was on top of my list.  After ogling the many colors, I chose a nice Gryffindor red.  By that time my breakfast had worn off and I was hungry!  Maybe a little too much time in the yarn shop....  

I went to Honeydukes, grabbed a sugar quill then headed to the Three Broomsticks to sit and people watch.  It was very humorous, some Hogwarts student (I am not going to name name's!) slipped in a niffler and he started to riffle through Madame Rosamerta's butter beer caps.  Hehe. She was pretty miffed.  

I sketched out a pattern for a new hat for S.P.E.W.  I think it will look quite nice.  I started getting stiff and the pub was getting a bit full so I took a walk to the Shrieking Shack.  

I am not going to tell who I caught snogging!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blog, Blog, Blog

I spent Thursday-Saturday at my parents' house helping with my dad.  While I watched 3 Stooges with him I sewed/knit.  

I finished the scarf for my friend--yah, yah, yah, and my bag for HSKS7.  I am now waiting on the yarn I ordered.  I still need to purchase needles and a few other odds and ends.  I have not been near a printer this week so I am going to print the patterns and my double knit bookmark for HLBOE tomorrow.  

Big news in our household---my baby is starting preschool tomorrow.  I got the call on Thursday informing me that she got into the University's children's center.   Some people fill out an application at birth, stupid me put it off until last spring.  All is good she got in!  

Happy Blogging!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A New Knee

Yesterday, I went to see my dad in the hospital.  He appears to be doing well, not much pain yet.  The PT said today will be the worst with pain.  He was supposed to come home today but now it is tomorrow because he is doing some kind of test drug.  My poor mom is about to go crazy.  I understand, immediately I walked in and I got a headache from the smell.  She has been on the verge of a migraine for 3 days.  It is a private hospital and I think it smells worse than any other hospital I have ever been in....I think they are doing the best to keep from getting staph.

Hopefully everything will go well today and he will be home tomorrow.  

On a lighter note---

I finished the base of my bag for my HSKS7 partner.  I even blocked it, something that I hate doing.  Now I have to go to my sewing machine* to work on the rest, it is at my parents' house.  It is too darn heavy  to move it several times, plus I don't have a spot for it right now.  Back to the bag, I am hoping I have enough fabric for it because I really don't want to buy more.....  I think I have most everything purchased for my partner.  I lack the needles and a few extras.  I feel a little like and an over-achiever to be almost done.  I guess with this time off for my dad I haven't had much else to do but knit.  

Now I have to finish my friend's scarf.  I have the hat done...but he didn't want it until the scarf is finished.  I worked on it in the hospital and Chick- Fil- A yesterday.    

I got my charity stuff in...I was glad to have it in and off my chest.  I donated 2 snitches, a doll, and a kitty.  I wish I could have did more, maybe next time.

Off to work on that scarf!

*My mom bought it for me at an estate sell for 40 or 50 bucks.  It is a Singer that is incased in wood supposedly it was mobil but it is HEAVY.  I am sure it is more mobil that a insert.  The date on it is 1951 and does not look like it has ever been used.  It is beautiful!  I received it for Christmas.  I will take a photo of it tomorrow.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Muggle Studies for HSKS7

This week's Gryffindor homework is to list words of 4 letters or more made from the letters contained in "Muggle Studies". You are limited to the number of times the letters appear, i.e. you can use "g" twice in a word, but "m" can only be used once in a word.  Students will be marked according to how many words they list, their longest word, and definitions of words - particularly if useful in understanding the Muggle world.  Homework is due for submission before the witching hour (midnight) on Saturday. The top student will be awarded a house prize.

Pandora Phelps-Gryffindor


1. dust

2. smile

3. mule

4. stud

5. suds

6. dies

7. ties

8. digest

9. duties

10. must

11. sled

12. tums- muggle over counter medicine for heartburn.

13. gums

14. sums- muggle term for mathematics

15. tugs

16. slug

17. slugs

18. leeds

19. lust

20. gets

21. glum

22. sties

23. gems

24. glee

25. gels

26. eels

27. gills

28. mugs

29. steed

30. tees- also known as t-shirts, white tees or pink tees

31. lees- muggle brand of jeans

32. sees 

33. leeds 

34.  studs

35. mules

36. lest 

37. glees

38. tide

39. tides

40. lies

41. lets

42. slim

43. sims- muggle computer game 

44. miss

45. mist

46. diet

47. muds

48. legs

49. seems

50. slime

51. lime

52. gigs

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I sent my package for HLBOE swap on Friday and I started on my HSKS7 swap bag on Friday also.  I have the fabric purchase and everything.  Once I get the base made I am ready to start on the rest of the bag.  I am pretty excited, it is a really nice design of a bag.  The artist who made it was very creative.

I put a gadget bag on my wish list in the shape of a camera.  Of course, the nerd in me tries to think of ideas to make it "Harry Potter-ish".   When you think of camera and Harry Potter, first thing that comes to mind is Colin Creevy.  I purchased a camera (I collect cameras along with Harry Potter stuff, sewing machines, books, glass things.....on and on.) at an estate sell with a bunch of junk for 10 bucks.  One day I was watching COS and noticed the camera used as a prop was an Argus....the same camera I have!  So to get to the point, I thought about designing a bag like the Argus.  

Ladida...I have new photos on my flickr badge.  Today was picture day I guess.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Things to do:

This weekend I have to wrap up things for:

Bookmark for Apparitions
2 dolls
Scarf for Donation?

I need the last three items finished by Monday.  I am going to be in limbo due to my daddy getting a knee replacement.  

That reminds me, I need to send out a email to my swap partners that I don't know what status will be next week.

Off to work on email and dolls.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

EVANESCO!! Finished Hermione Hat for Charms

Finish Hermione Hat for Charms

Pandora Phelps
Due 14 February 2009


Monday, February 2, 2009

Gryffindor Quiz No. 1

Gryffindor Quiz No. 1 for HSKS7  by Pandora Phelps

  1. What are your three most favorite colors? Blue, Red, and Black
  2. What are you three least favorite colors? Purple, Pink, and Yellow
  3. Your favorite candy is licorice and dark chocolate.
  4. Who is your favorite Weasley?  Mmm...Weasley Twins.  I know that is two, but I can't love one without the other!
  5. Do you knit, crochet, or both? Knit only!  Crocheting is beyond me.
  6. What type of kit did you ask for?  Anything but felting.  I am allergic to wool.
  7. Acrylic— (a) has its uses, (b) should all be burned, (c) best yarn to work with? (choose an answer) A
  8. Who is the Gryffindor Head Girl ? Millicent Brocklehurst
  9. Name four "extras" you would love to receive in your kit.  Ghee, I don't know!  I collect the Harry Potter action figures.  I am not sure if that helps any.
  10. What are your three most favorite scents? coconut, coffee, and mint
  11. Do you prefer salty or sweet snacks? sweet
  12. Which Gryffindor and Slytherin students are sisters in real life? Lizzie Lychwood and Emma Wigworthy
  13. Do you really need more stitch markers? Nope, just bought some.
  14. DPNs, circular, or straight? I love them all.  I just receive Denise Interchangeable for Christmas.  DPNs, anything larger than an US 8.   
  15. Favorite yarn? Dream yarn? I don't think I have a favorite or dream yarn.  I really like cotton.
  16. Favorite HP Movie?  My favorite is COS and POA.
  17. Favorite HP character?  I like Ginny.
  18. What is your favorite pattern?  Another tuff one, I have too many favorites.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mandrake Root

Mandrake Root
Originally uploaded by pandoraphelps
So, nerdy me decided to make a mandrake. It actually turned out really great--- in my biased opinion. I am not completely finished, I had to take a break and start working on the scarf and hat I promised a friend.

I think HSKS7 partners are going out either Monday or Tuesday! I really hope I get a Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. No reason other than I haven't swapped to either of those houses yet. I am already pretty prepared with goodies.

HLBOE- I think I am caught up on my assignments right now. I received 25 points (or 20) for History of Magic....WOW. I posted first and added a true story so I got extra points. Professor Katt is really generous! I thought the true story would be a nice touch to fill out the essay and she liked it!!

Off to email my partner!